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“At the performance reviewed, standby Emily Jenda provoked sniffles (and more than a few audible sobs) with her heart-wrenching turn as middle Schuyler sister Eliza, whose marriage to Alexander Hamilton endures plenty of trials.”

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“The sixth heat, ‘Round Midnight,’ included one of the evening's highlights with Emily Jenda (Y '10) singing "Out Here On My Own" (Michael Gore, Y' 73, with sister Lesley) like a bonafide star with multiple Grammys to her name. Joshuah Campbell (H '16) did a nice job with ‘Don't You Remember’ by Dan Wilson (H '83) and Adele, but Jenda's performance was unbeatable.”



“Emily Jenda was stellar in her portrayal of Eliza Hamilton, one of the surprises of the night. Jenda, is normally the understudy for the role, but she put on full display her musical talent, especially on her solo song ‘Burn.’ If another tour of Hamilton is launched she seems ready to play the role full time.”



“Jenda's dry reactions to her patsy's exuberance perfectly draw out the book’s wittier moments and her vivacious sexiness in defending her criminal ways with the score's best entry, the strutting tango, ‘Wild and Reckless,’ sizzles with comical heat.”



“Four understudies appeared in major roles Wednesday, and amazingly two of them were the best singers in the cast. Hamilton's wife Eliza (Emily Jenda) and George Washington (Conroe Brooks) are assigned the most traditionally songful tunes, delivering them with outsized, spine-tingling voices.”



“There's no greater rush for a critic than encountering a blazing new talent. The terrific Emily Jenda is still non-Equity, but I'm sure that won't continue for long. From the moment she and her equally delightful co-star Mark Emerson finished Ira Levin and Milton Schafer's sly comic duet ‘Holmes and Watson,’ it was clear that Jenda was the real deal. As Alice Van Guilder, a bored rich girl–turned–cat burglar in early-20th-century New York City, Jenda showed an astonishing facility with a musical comedy style she's far too young to know anything about. She served Levin's twinkling wit impeccably, burst with intelligence, and sang like a dream. Hello, Emily!”